Item Form         Tablet

Age Range         Adult

Origin                 France

Manufacturer   Laboratories Forte Pharma


Our Strength & Growth Expert is a double-action strength program for your hair !

Brittle, split ends or difficult to grow, Expert Hair Strength & Growth takes care of your hair from roots to ends thanks to its formula based on keratin , amino acids & plants.

90 tablets.

Brands: Forte-pharma


Product Description

Daily life poses real challenges for our hair which can undergo multiple attacks that can weaken it. The use of coloring, hair dryers, straightening irons, but also pollution and exposure to the sun are all external factors of aggression. A poor diet can cause deficiencies in essential nutrients which can impact the health of our hair. Our hair is then weakened, brittle, split ends and loses its beauty.

To help you find sublime hair with strengthened lengths, we have developed Expert Hair Strength & Growth , our dual-action strength program based on Keratin, amino acids & plants.

A double action formula

Our Strength & Growth Hair Expert is a product offering dual action to stimulate hair growth while promoting its beauty and strength thanks to the presence of vitamin B8 (or biotin), zinc and selenium contributing to the maintenance of normal hair .

– regenerate and strengthen the hair fiber with Keratin , a 95% constituent of hair and sulfur-containing amino acids, L-cystine and L-methionine, components of keratin

– stimulate growth and enhance the hair in particular thanks to Arugula which stimulates the hair bulb and participates in the stimulation of the bulb, thus promoting hair growth