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Brand : Forte Pharma
Origin : France

Brands: Forte-pharma


Product Description

Do you feel bloated ? Do you experience digestive discomfort ? Opt for our FortéDigest Bloating !

It is a complete formula with 5 active ingredients of 100% natural origin including vegetable charcoal and fennel.
To help you regain comfort, FortéDigest Bloating acts on both sensations of bloating and intestinal comfort. Everything to regain your well-being and lightness!

30 capsules.


Your daily life can sometimes be disrupted by digestive discomfort such as abdominal discomfort, a feeling of a swollen stomach or bloating, or even gas .
Their origin? A significant accumulation of air in the intestine or poor digestion. Although common, these inconveniences can quickly become unpleasant and difficult to live with.

Our Forté Digest Bloating is THE solution to limit this discomfort!

A double action formula for your transit which acts:

– on feelings of bloating
– which contributes to intestinal comfort

Its formula is composed of ingredients of 100% natural origin:

– vegetable charcoal and fennel: 2 key plants
– the SPAMIGAZ complex: lemon balm, ginger, peppermint.