Eveline Cosmetics Bio Vitamin Sensation Revitalizing Anti Wrinkle Cream 50 ml

Brand   Eveline Cosmetics

Item Form Cream

Unit Count 50 ml

Use for Face

Brands: Eveline Cosmetics


Product Description

You’ll feel at your best all day with the Colgate® Triple Action Toothbrush, as it cleans your teeth, removes stains and freshens your breath all in one. The dual angled-pointing cleaning-tip bristles reach deep and clean back teeth, the circled bristle pattern gently reveals the natural whiteness of your teeth and the tongue cleaner removes odour-causing bacteria.

Product Benefits

Ferulic acid strengthens the power of vitamins and soothes irritations. Bakuchiol, i.e. plant retinol and hyaluronic acid, smooth wrinkles, regenerate and moisturize the skin. Yuzu extract hydrates the face and gives it a youthful vigor. SYN-AKE firms and tightens the skin and fills in wrinkles.